Tokheim has launched the Quantium 510E entry-level multi-product dispenser into the UK market. The pump is said to provide an effortless fuelling experience for motorists, and has a hose retraction solution with up to 3.2m hose reach for quick and convenient filling.

Optional features include pay at pump and automatic temperature compensation technology.

Also new from Tokheim is a high definition cctv solution called Eye. The system brings pumps, payment and imagery together, only storing relevant pictures so retailers can quickly view images captured from the cameras as soon as movement is detected.

Tokheim Eye stores the receipt number and filling number together with images so they can be retrieved more easily. The cctv solution has been installed at three sites in the North East of England.

In addition, the company has launched a bank note accepter for pay at pump, and wants to make multi-screens like its T-Media technology a standard.

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