North-west based energy innovation company Enviroglow has launched what it claims is ’the most efficient open deck dairy case on the planet’.

After 18 months of research and development, and live testing, the new open deck refrigeration called E-volve is on target to be available in the UK from the start of this month.

Mark Crabtree, managing director of Enviroglow, said: "The new fridge will run up to 54% more efficient than a standard open deck system, and up to 26% more efficient than that of a fridge with doors in live environments.

"The units will be available in three width sizes and two height sizes, but at the moment only in a remote version. The integral version is currently on test, and is expected to be available by the end of the month. Our customers have been asking for this for some time, however it was important that not only did we achieve the maximum efficiency, but the aesthetics, customer access and replenishment access also had be right."

An average 2,000sq ft convenience store with open deck cabinets spends around £10,500 a year on running the fridges. Enviroglow believes a new store incorporating the right technologies can now run the total site at this cost.

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