BigBrother, the specialist forecourt security innovator, has launched AutoAlert, an interactive software module which allows site staff to recognise false or stolen licence plates prior to authorising a pump.

AutoAlert’s intelligent system uses new or existing forecourt CCTV cameras to capture number plates through integrated licence plate recognition.

The system then works twofold to check a local “black list”; detailing licence plates of vehicles that have previously either driven off from the site, or that have had no means of payment. The interactive AutoAlert module simultaneously uses the data to retrieve current vehicle information which provides the site staff with colour, make, model, vehicle classification and fuel type in an easy to use display. This information can then be cross-checked with vehicles waiting to fuel on the forecourt prior to authorisation.

WashTec UK is BigBrother’s UK strategic partner – and is involved in rolling out AutoAlert across the UK’s petrol forecourts.

Richard Sweet, BigBrother product manager at WashTec, commented: “We listen to our customers who provide us with insight into the challenges facing petrol retailing, and AutoAlert is an example of the innovative solutions BigBrother can deliver.

“Installing AutoAlert on a petrol forecourt has an immediate impact in tackling drive-offs. It is a great weapon to fight fuel theft at the pump with stolen licence plates. WashTec are proud to support the UK forecourt industry and the partnership with BigBrother further strengthens this.”

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