PSD Codax says barcodes are the surprise hit this year with car wash customers.

Managing director Graham Round said: “The technology may not be new, but just like self-checkout in supermarkets, carwash customers seem to love the idea of scanning barcodes – in this case to activate the wash programme that they have paid for.

“Over recent months we have shipped an unprecedented number of Codax terminals that are barcode enabled.”

He said they asked retailers why there is such a strong interest in installing barcode readers at the wash and found there were two main reasons:

• Customers know and trust Codax codes and with barcodes the customer experience is enhanced. They just show the barcode to the reader by the wash bay and their purchased programme is ready to go. Or if they prefer to enter their code on the Codax keypad they can still do so.

• Barcodes provide a safe, cost-effective way of moving toward mobile payments and apps for carwash services. NFC and electronic wallets don’t work on most smart-phones, but barcodes can be displayed on the screen of just about all of them. They follow a proven, international standard so you don’t risk investing in the wrong technology.

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