Wayne Fueling Systems has said it has received positive feedback from the first customer installations in the US for the Wayne Ovation2 fuel dispenser. It said the feedback confirms that the Ovation2 fuel dispenser, among the most advanced dispensers ever built, helps fuel site operators build customer loyalty.

The three retailers to install the equipment praised the Ovation2 fuel dispenser’s customer-friendly technologies and modern styling. Features such as an intuitive user interface, enhanced media capabilities, and overall curb appeal complement the product’s fast fueling as well as a positive brand impression.

“The Ovation2 dispensers not only look good, they are easy for our customers to operate. The dispensers add an improved fueling experience for customers compared to the non-Wayne dispensers we previously had,” said Chris Gscheidle, vice president of Human Resources and Information Technology for Hub City Convenience Stores.

Additionally, the Ovation2 fuel dispenser helps retailers comply with current and future Payment Card Industry (PCI) and EMV payment card security regulations. Mark Fiege, owner and operator of Proctor Milk House, explained: “One of the reasons I chose the Ovation2 dispenser was to stay ahead of the PCI requirements.” The Ovation2 dispenser’s modular keypad design and upgradeable software compatibility help to make compliance with evolving standards easy and cost-effective.

Another Ovation2 dispenser feature that the retailers say they appreciate is its durability. “This year, we had one of the harshest winters I can remember in Michigan, and the dispensers continued to operate with no issues in temperatures well below zero degrees for long periods of time,” said Marvin Larson, general manager of Settlers Co-Op. Gscheidle added that the dispensers have also held up well in the extreme Texas heat.

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