Fafnir has launched a new addition to the VISY-X range of tank level gauges - the VISY-TD Display.

The VISY-TD has been designed to sit outside the forecourt station building to provide the fuel delivery truck driver with full visibility and the most up-to-date information regarding clearances of individual tanks, any warnings and tank levels on site, before delivery of fuel commences.

The VISY-TD displays continuous level measurement of up to 16 tanks once connected to the VISY Command on site, reading the gauge data and presenting important information to the truck driver when delivering out of forecourt hours.

Fafnir says installing the VISY-TD Display adds an extra precautionary level of safety to the forecourt environment by ensuring the fuel delivery driver is fully aware of tank contents before delivery, helping to eliminate the risk of over-filling. 

The new display is an addition to the VISY-X system, which supplies not only level information of tanks, but also features a range of environmental sensors.

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