FAFNIR, which provides equipment to petrol stations for level measurement, environmental sensor systems, tank filling safety devices, overfill prevention devices and limit signalling controls, has released a corporate video which is now available to view via the FAFNIR website, the FAFNIR YouTube channel and via its partners.

The video is designed to demonstrate the value and philosophy of the FAFNIR business; to communicate its history and heritage, its commitment to quality before and after sales; and its dedication to team innovation and success.

Each of the FAFNIR product ranges is also presented to give customers a brief overview of its products and technical capabilities.

René Albrecht, managing director, FAFNIR, said: “We hope this video will help our customers understand where our core strengths and priorities lie as a business. We strive to put our customers and their business’ in the forefront of everything we do as a team; from product development, to quality and most importantly; safety. FAFNIR understand our customers and prospect have very limited time to research a new partner, so we wanted developed a short video to demonstrate FAFNIR’s key competencies.

“FAFNIR is a team complete with industry experts, approachable and committed to delivering consistent value and I hope this video helps to demonstrate exactly that.”

Click here to view the FAFNIR corporate video.