Dispensing technology specialst Horn Tecalemit plans to make an impact at next month’s APEA event at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, with its fuel management systems.

The APEA’s annual exhibition, conference and awards dinner takes place on November 5, where Horn Tecalemit believes its HDM range will impress users of fuel and oil-based applications. It includes several models, from complete fuel dispensing and management systems to retro-fit management systems.

The system can be enabled for up to 2000 users and is capable of storing data for 10,000 transactions. It incorporates an easy to use menu, and features multiple options for users to set security levels. There is also a tank level monitoring option. Data is downloaded via the USB interface.

The Horn Tecalemit HDM range includes: HDA eco - a fuel management system designed to securely control delivery during the transfer of various liquid applications. It is designed to be added to either a new dispensing system or as a retro-fit to an existing system. This gives the customer the benefit of adding a fuel management system to their original investment. There is a choice of a single fuelling point or up to five fuelling points using the HDA eco 5 fuel management system.

HDM eco - an economical dispensing system aimed at entry level users who are looking for a fuel management system for the first time or are low-level users looking to upgrade an old system. There is the option for a 60ltrs or 80ltrs per minute pump in a free standing unit or the ‘box’ version that can be wall mounted or situated onto a fuel storage tank. All units have a 4-meter dispensing hose with dispensing nozzle. 

HDM eco AUS 32 - a free-standing AdBlue and Urea dispensing system with all the benefits of the HDM eco but specially developed for the AdBlue and Urea markets. 

HDM Pro - a diesel dispensing system with modern design and high-performance capabilities, using the same fuel management system as the HDM eco but with a large graphic display featuring user friendly menu options. There is a choice of pump flow rates of 50ltrs, 80ltrs and 150ltrs with the option for a combined dual dispensing system offering 50ltr and 150ltr pumps. 

National product sales manager Brian Mosley is excited about the impact it will have at APEA. He said: "Horn Tecalemit is already an established brand and product within the European mainland, so UK customers can be confident of the quality and performance of the equipment. The HDM eco system is an extremely powerful dispensing system for the introductory level of end users which I believe will quickly become the chosen brand in the UK.