Imperial Tobacco has committed to a substantial increase in its level of furniture investment to support retailers ahead of the full tobacco display restrictions, which come into force on April 6, 2015.

The additional investment means that the installation of the compliancy solution, for 17,000 multiple outlets and independent stores, will begin in January 2015.

Martin Goodall, head of sales at Imperial Tobacco, said: “The additional investment for our ‘best in class’ solution means all Imperial Tobacco units will now be installed in two stages. Our professional team of installers will visit retailers from September to begin the installation of the door frames. The doors themselves will then be installed during a second visit as close to the April 6, 2015, implementation date as possible.

“Imperial Tobacco has been working resolutely with the trade over the last 12 months. Behind all of our activity has been the belief that, while the physical barriers will go up on April 6th, mental barriers will be removed if retailers follow our guidance and aspire towards best practice on ranging, merchandising and availability."

Goodall added: “In the last six months leading up to the implementation of full display restrictions, we will continue to support retailers to ensure they are fully compliant with the new regulations and understand the penalties for failure to comply.

“Imperial Tobacco is confident that confirmation of the two stage installation process will be well received by the trade as it will prolong the visibility of tobacco brands for their customers’.”

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