Jos Richardson & Son has taken the opportunity of a full refit of its Primrose Valley Service Station at Hunmanby between Bridlington and Filey in East Yorkshire to introduce a range of energy saving measures.

Managing director Joseph Richardson said: “After completing a successful energy reduction upgrade at another of our sites, we felt Enviroglow were the right guys for the job. With their expertise in energy reduction along with their extensive in-house experience in Shopfitting, they offered the all-encompassing package, delivering a return on investment (ROI) far shorter than that of anything else on the market.”

The Energy reducing technologies that have been implemented cover all electrical equipment, and for one of the biggest electricity consumers – refrigeration – Enviroglow used the open-fronted Sedna Aire E-volve cabinet.

Roger Shenton, development director, Enviroglow, said: “It would be easy for Enviroglow to recommend doors, but we simply don’t believe they deliver on their projections. Over my last 25-years in retail, we have been advising retailers to adopt open fronted display for obvious reasons. With the E-volve cabinet, we can continue on that road without the fear of increasing their energy costs.”

In addition ’SolarCool’ technologies were installed on both the refrigeration and air conditioning systems, further reducing consumption by utilising the free energy from the sun. SolarCool is a worldwide patented solar thermodynamics air-conditioning and refrigeration system that in simple terms uses the suns free energy to increase the compressors capacity on both inverter and multistage systems.

Chris Micallef, technical director, Sedna Aire UK said: “The facts are, the UK benefits from sunshine. Yes, of course it’s less than you would expect to see in Spain for example, however at such a small comparative additional cost there are no reasons why any business would not take advantage of this free energy on their cooling and heating systems. Every hour the sun shines is 100% free energy, and in the UK achieving an return on investment is averaging less than 18 months.”

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