A company has been set up to distribute car wash chemicals in the UK from the Italian company Ma Fra.

Tony Davies, director of MA Fra Limited, said the superior chemical performance and reduced dosing were already bringing cash savings of 60% to 70% on the chemical costs of both rollover and jet wash operators.

He claimed that these operators were not only saving money, but also achieving better wash results due to the superior chemical performance, leading to happier, and therefore more loyal, customers.

Davies said Ma Fra chemicals were designed to work in any type of wash system, whether rollover, conveyor or jet wash, and therefore operators only needed to buy one range of products for all their machines thereby reducing inventory and administration costs.

He said he would be happy to arrange a visit to one of the sites using Ma Fra car care chemicals for any car wash operators, and to carry out a field trial on one or more of an operator’s machines to demonstrate the cost saving potential of Ma Fra chemicals.

The chemicals are also packaged for retail sale in forecourt shops. Davies said: “In a retail market where all products begin to look the same, typically boring white or silver bottles, we dare to be different with attractive clear packaging aimed at impulse purchasing showing off brightly coloured, attractively scented and highly effective products.”

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