Motorway services company Moto Hospitality has made considerable savings at its Truckwash facilities at Toddington, Donnington Park and Cherwell Valley after introducing technology to improve customer throughput.

Previously staff had to process customers using hand-written forms and the company decided to investigate whether the system could be automated to give customers a quicker service and improve the speed and accuracy of billing.

Paul Lipton, truckwash manager at Moto Hospitality, worked closely with Eastern Data Group (edg), a supplier of mobile solutions for remote workers, to implement a tailored solution to eliminate all the weaknesses in the existing system.

This comprised the use of the portable PrintPAD printing system from Datamax-O’Neil, MC75A mobile computers from Motorola Solutions and a fully automated mobile data capture system based on edg’s Advantedg suite of software.

The MC75A from Motorola Solutions is integrated directly into the Datamax-O’Neil PrintPAD via a plugin connection so that data can be exchanged seamlessly and the printer and handheld become a one-piece electronic keyboard and printer in the operator’s hands. The PrintPAD enables operators to swipe drivers’ loyalty cards, if they have them, to obtain all the necessary data, or to input it on the keyboard, and print out a copy of the invoice for the driver.

“Our decision to install the PrintPAD printing system from Datamax-O’Neil in combination with the mobile computers from Motorola Solutions and the software from edg was absolutely correct,” said Lipton. “Through minimising the number of errors, real-time data transfer, cutting the quantities of paper and deploying our employees more efficiently, we are achieving annual savings of nearly € 60,000 with the new system. That is not even taking into account the increased profitability. In addition, customers benefit from our significantly improved services.”

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