OPW has launched its its new CNG Type 2 Fueling System, which incorporates OPW’s Type 2 Nozzle with a three-Way valve for time-fill or fast-fill service in commercial and industrial CNG fueling applications.

OPW says the CNG Type 2 Fueling System represents the latest innovation in industrial and commercial fueling and has been specifically designed to bridge the gap between convenience and comfort, without sacrificing the safety, efficiency, reliability or environmental sustainability.

It has been engineered with fewer potential leak points than other fueling systemsand features a user-friendly push-on/pull-off operation and offers flexible extension options to meet virtually any fueling application.

Additional key features include:

• Ergonomic Grip – to provide maximum user comfort and control;

• Duratuff Shell Construction – to protect the three-Way Valve and stainless-steel tubing for added safety and longevity of the equipment;

• Inlet Tubing Offset – designed to eliminate mis-connections on OPW CNG Hose Kits;

• OPW Type 2 CC600 Series Nozzles – compatible with NGV1 profile receptacles and featuring an internal 200 micron filter to capture gas-borne debris commonly found in CNG fueling systems;

• Easy Installation – shipped fully assembled, tested and ready for installation.

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