Milk left out for just one hour could cause food poisoning, according to dairy solutions provider Pritchetts, at the start of Food Safety Week (16 – 22 June 2014).

The company says that operators who leave open jugs of fresh milk at breakfast bars and self-service stations could be putting customers at risk from harmful bacteria, which foster at room temperature. As the summer heat continues to rise, Pritchetts is advising operators to rethink their milk offering in a bid not to ’sour’ profits.

Simon Muschamp, the company’s head of marketing, explains: “Even if milk doesn’t smell or curd, just one hour sat at room temperature can lead to food-poisoning bacteria multiplying in such a protein-rich drink. Children, pregnant women and the elderly are especially vulnerable, so we recommend operators consider alternatives that will keep their customers and business safe.”

The company recommends Millac Maid Mini Pots which it claims offer a practical and hygienic solution for all catering operations. The ambient, ‘peel and pour’ pots eliminate all risks as they only need to be opened at the point of service. Best of all operators can also be confident that they are not sacrificing that fresh milk flavour, according to Muschamp. 

“Millac Maid provides a fail-safe solution, delivering on taste and quality – whatever the temperatures. We’re urging caterers to think about their operation this Food Safety Week and remove the unnecessary risk milk jugs can cause.”

Millac Maid Mini Pots come in both full-fat and half-fat versions and are sold in cases of 120x12ml or 240x12ml pots. The full-fat option is also available in cases of 480x10ml pots.