Eurotank Environmental has launched an interceptor and septic tank repair service to address the common problem of cracks causing groundwater to leak into the tank.

The service includes full surveys and repairs of both interceptor and septic tanks without having to dig them up and replace them, which is said to save a petrol retailer tens of thousands of pounds, as well as potentially preventing the site from closing if the civil works take place on an entrance or exit to the site.

Edward Wheeler, managing director of Eurotank, said: "A common fault with GRP (fibre glass) interceptors and septic tanks is the development of cracks due to improper installation, which can result in groundwater leaking into the interceptor or septic tank.

"This can be a very expensive problem in septic tanks because they fill up significantly faster than they should do, resulting in higher disposal costs."

Where float switch activated sub-pumps are installed, a groundwater leak can cause the pumps to run continuously and fail prematurely, which can result in sewage backing up and potentially flooding the forecourt, added Wheeler.

"Where GRP interceptors are leaking, in the event of a spill or more likely vehicle over- filling petrol and diesel can potentially find its way into the ground, contaminating and devaluing a retailer’s site."

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