Tank maintenance company Eurotank Environmental has unveiled a new system to defend against the growing number of fuel thefts direct from forecourt storage tanks.

EurotankGuard uses wireless technology to alert retailers when a tank manhole or access point has been lifted. A break in the circuit will create a signal that is sent to the system’s antennae, which triggers an alarm.

Edward Wheeler, md of Eurotank, said: "With the number of fuel thefts on the increase, retailers are now faced with the challenge of protecting their liquid assets from determined criminals. EurotankGuard has been developed to provide an early warning system and deterrent. The average cost of a fuel theft is over £10,000, so if a retailer is concerned about the security of their fuel, EurotankGuard is a cost-effective means to prevent this increasing problem."

EurotankGuard can be fitted to all tank access points and adapted to work in conjunction with any alarm system. The cost of installation depends on the site’s number of tanks, existing alarm system, and the type of alarm generated, but the company will provide a free site survey and theft risk assessment.

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