Christ Wash Systems is using new technology to make car wash speeds quicker and reduce the energy consumption of its machines.

The Sirius entry-level car wash, which starts at around £30,000 and is ideal for sites selling 300 to 1,200 washes a month, has been upgraded with a special drying concept that has two blowing motors integrated in the frame construction. This two-motor concept increases energy efficiency.

Sirius wash programmes are now 10% shorter and a swivelling roof jet is a new addition as standard. Optional LED lights can add interest.

The Varius rollover, which is the most popular Christ machine in the UK and starts at £40,000, has several new features including high-pressure jets in the wheel wash. All new features contribute to a 15% reduction in wash time.

Meanwhile, the Varius 1+1 uses the time-saving principal of the double rollover wash unit to achieve a maximum capacity of up to 2,300 washes per month.

Kevin Pay, managing director of Wilcomatic, which distributes Christ machines in the UK, said: "All the new features are about reducing energy consumption or trying to increase the speed of the wash."

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