A new pipework system designed for both suction and pressure applications, is being marketed by a Worcestershire-based company, Petrofuse ZP.

The system will provide forecourt operators with unrivalled performance in terms of conductivity, impermeability and dual containment, according to the company’s managing director Tim Foster.

He said Petrofuse ZP was the only non-steel system to have achieved full approval from the German standards authorities DIBt (Deutsche Industrie Bautechnik), known to be the world’s most demanding specification for petrol forecourt pipework systems.

The pipework system was developed in the UK by Fusion Provida, a leading distributor of products in the utilities sector. Petrofuse ZP has the sole rights to distribute the product across the world.

Manufactured in 6m lengths, Petrofuse ZP is apparently light and easy to handle – an advantage for installers. Bends can be formed to suit on site and both threaded and flanged transition fittings are available. Petrofuse ZP is available in a standard range of sizes to suit petrol, LPG and industrial applications: 32mm, 50mm, 63mm, 90mm and 110mm.

Petrofuse ZP – the ZP stands for ‘zero permeation’ – is a twin-wall pipe. The internal product pipe is manufactured from aluminium and the external secondary containment pipe is polyethylene. Pipe lengths are connected by the combination of an electrofusion joint and the patented ‘bozzle’ fitting that maintains conductivity, zero permeation and the interstitial gap through the joint.

At the company’s headquarters in Bromsgrove, Foster is excited about the prospects for the new system: “The permeation problems encountered by many forecourt operators in the USA and Europe have been widely reported. Petrofuse ZP eradicates these problems and at the same time provides a durable, flexible and fully-wielded dual containment solution.”

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