A crime report logged using the Forecourt Eye platform has added vital new information to the police investigation into the incident where a cashier was hit by a car during an alleged robbery in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The report details a second incident in the neighbouring county of West Yorkshire of a drive-off fuel theft where the same vehicle was used. The vehicle details and number plate were captured by Forecourt Eye on CCTV cameras at BP Ackworth in Pontefract, and instantly shared with the West Yorkshire Police Force using the Facewatch crime-reporting system.

Police in South Yorkshire investigating the hit and run incident involving Michelle Carr, the cashier who was hit by a car at Park Road Garage, Barnsley, were unaware of the second fuel theft at BP Ackworth until Forecourt Eye flagged it up. The information immediately widened the search for the driver and vehicle to two police force regions across the counties of South and West Yorkshire.

Forecourt Eye spokesperson, Eric Woollard-White, told Forecourt Trader: "A drive-off without payment incident was logged by our system between 11.45am and midday on December 4 at BP Ackworth, Barnsley Road, Ackworth, Pontefract. In cases of drive-offs without payment, and because a crime has been committed, police are instantly alerted and evidence, including ultra-sharp CCTV footage, is shared with police.

"A quick-thinking employee on our team who saw the news coverage of Michelle Carr being struck on the forecourt in Barnsley immediately alerted the police investigating this crime of the second incident in Ackworth. Because two separate police forces are responsible for the crimes, neither force knew of the two separate incidents until Forecourt Eye stepped in."

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