Fuel loss recovery expert Forecourt Eye has unveiled a new subscription structure which aims to match different service options to evolving customer needs.

A new entry-level £15 monthly option has been created for forecourt customers wanting a more effective way of addressing No Means of Payment (NMoP) incidents.

The announcement comes on the back of latest data collected by Forecourt Eye in October 2017 which shows a sharp rise in NMoP incidents across its customer base.

NMoP incidents historically track at around 35% of reported cases, but in recent months this has increased to 48%, which means almost five in every 10 incidents is NMoP rather than a drive-off. The average incident value of £32 remains unchanged.

Nick Fisher, CEO of Forecourt Eye, said: “Fuel crime and NMoP activity across the UK are constantly evolving and that means we need to stay one step ahead in order to continue to meet our customer needs.

“We are also keeping well ahead of competitors with a better value offering. With our unique data capture software, forecourt employees can simply report an incident in under two minutes.

“We regularly achieve an 85%-plus recovery rate and we pay back recovered monies to forecourt operators every seven days. In addition, operators can upgrade to our Drive Off debt recovery, ANPR and Facial Recognition services as and when required.”

Leeds-based Valli Forecourts uses the Forecourt Eye service across 15 locations.

Area manager Waqas Aslam said: “It is very straightforward and really convenient, anyone can do it, just a few simple steps via a tablet device provided by Forecourt Eye.

“Once the information is collected and submitted into the system, we don’t do anything, we leave the rest to Forecourt Eye. It’s no hassle, no wasted time for us, they do it all.”