Franklin Fueling Systems has issued a product recall notice for its one-inch Flex-ing-branded hose. The hoses affected are one-inch diameter but could be of varying lengths and have fixed or swivel fittings. They have date codes M1014 to M3014, and the affected hose models are FLHFR30X XXX and FLXHW30X XXX.

The company says through field reports and accompanying investigations, it has discovered a few instances in which affected hoses did not perform as intended because the crimp on the hose fitting may not be compressed to its optimal level. This could result in a loose fitting and may cause leaking or fitting failure.

Although no injuries have been reported, the risk of fire and personal injury exists, and it says anyone with one of the hoses should immediately remove it from service and return it to a Franklin Fueling Systems distributor for replacement or credit. It adds that the hose should be tagged "do not use return to Franklin Fueling Distributor" to ensure that no affected hose is inadvertently put back into service.

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