The Fraser Group’s BP-branded forecourt in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, has become the UK’s first fully branded Kärcher jet wash facility.

The SB Wash jet wash has been designed with some unique user-friendly features, including a single washing tool rather than a double, and a frost protection system that operates at 17ºC.

Yarnton’s valet bay carries a strong ’Kärcher makes a difference’ message in the form of side- screen vinyls as well as a branded wrap-around on the jet wash machines themselves for better visual impact for stronger sales performance and increased valeting throughput.

Mark Wilson, Fraser Group’s operations manager, said: "We are delighted with the early days of the trial despite the poor weather since we did the installation. The sales prior to the prolonged period of rain have increased significantly over what we were tracking previously. We are confident that once the weather picks up we will see more than double our annualised sales.

"The marketing and equipment have been well received by the public and the theatre created by the branding is unique among jet wash offers out there," added Mark. "We are confident that the future is with big brands on the forecourt and in the shop.

"Our customers vote with their feet and our offer both internally and externally is among the strongest in the industry.

"We look forward to the next joint venture with Kärcher."

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