Point4 is offering forecourt operators a free EPoS system if they sign up to take its new in-store TV concept. Described as ’shelf-edge TV’, the in-store advertising medium uses small plasma screens, which sit on the edge of the shelf in front of the products. Point 4 says that when a retailer signs up to take the TV system, they will give them a free HTec HydraPos system worth £12-15,000 - which combines EPoS and pump control in one unit - as well as the screens.

Paula Boden, head of sales and marketing at Point4, says: "All the retailer will have to pay for is the hardware and software maintenance on the system, which they would have to pay for anyway. We get some of the revenue back from the advertising content and the retailer gets a portion of that as well.

"The reason it’s being sold as a package is that the advertising is being sold on the basis that we can also supply geographical sales information to those companies. To do that we need to install the EPoS system as well."

Advertising content is provided via a broadband connection.

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