EdgePetrol is celebrating the completion of its UK and Irish integrations to all major PoS, BoS, fuel suppliers, wet stock managers and competitor pricing providers. This means that forecourt operators in the UK and Ireland with less than 99 sites can see their data live on EdgePetrol for three months, free of charge.

According to EdgePetrol research, customers have found that knowing their live volume metrics and live weighted and blended margin in real-time have helped boost their profits by as much as 18%.

Michael Gatty of Top 50 Indie Hills of Corby, said: "EdgePetrol’s dashboard displays today’s data compared with the previous day for volume sold, gross margin (ppl), net margin (ppl) and gross cash margin (£) enabling easy monitoring of the fuel performance. This, together with the reporting facility, has meant that we have been able to change retail prices with more confidence because the corresponding changes in the sales figures can be easily monitored and we have increased fuel profit as a result."

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