In a bid to tap into the growing out-of-home coffee market, Javastation has introduced a new self-serve bean-to-cup coffee concept.

The JavaStation offers high street quality coffees including espresso, cappuccino and lattes made with Costa’s Mocha Italia Espresso blend. The machine also has the option for hot water so retailers can offer tea and hot chocolate.

Robert Bullen, operations director for Javastation, said: “We looked at the rapid rise in retail coffee culture and the quality of drink available in every high street is not typically available on the roads.”

The Javastation machine, servicing and coffee is available free of charge – the retailer just provides water, electricity, fresh milk and agrees to carry out daily one-minute automated cleaning operations.

Retailers who sell at least 30 cups a day will take 40 per cent of turnover. “A higher risk site will take a lesser percentage of the profit,” said Richard Bounds, who initiated the concept. “Research shows that at least one in 10 consumers would buy fresh coffee in the right location. You could get an annual return of over £10,000 on less than 50 cups per day.”

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