Following the launch of the Multi Table-Top Display (MTT) portfolio earlier this year, Fri-Jado has now announced a range extension, introducing a rear feed model, allowing operators to load the unit more simply and quickly without compromising on the performance of the counter.

Fri-Jado says the new rear feed model complements the existing products in the range, and takes all the existing technological and space innovations found in the company’s smallest hot holding range, adding a unique setup and service ability. Enabling operators to position the unit between front and back of house, the new MTT rear feed separates the food prep facilities from the customer area, delivering enhanced convenience.


With two independently controlled levels, the MTT range, including the new rear feed model is available in 600mm or 900mm widths, providing hot-holding capability to retailers and food-to-go operators who are limited on available space. Taking inspiration from other models in the Fri-Jado portfolio, the MTT range features a mainly glass construction, making the unit virtually transparent, putting food in the spotlight to help drive impulse sales, especially important in the hot food-to-go market.

Gary Thacker, sales director at Fri-Jado UK said: When we launched the MTT range to bring effective, efficient hot holding to those who were space-limited. Featuring much of the same pioneering technology found in the larger models in our range, the MTT helped to open up hot food-to-go to independent retail sites and food kiosks and concessions often found in things like transport and leisure sites.

Adding even greater convenience, the new rear feed model adds even more accessibility for operators. The unique design allows an operator to load the unit from the rear, while customers self-serve from the front of the appliance. Twin shelves and multi-temperature operation allow different foods to be held, furthering the capability of the new MTT range.”

In line with Fri-Jado’s commitment to sustainability, the company says the MTT range drives innovation by combining mid-shelf-heating and  Hot Blanket air circulation technology which ensures that food held in the unit, is not only maintained at the optimum temperature but also enables the unit to deliver savings of up to 50% on energy consumption and costs when compared to other units in the market. It describes the MTT as genuinely plug-and-play, operating off a standard UK 13-amp power supply for maximum flexibility - operators simply need to plug it in and stock it with their best-selling wrapped hot food items.