A new mobile payment system which is set to change the way forecourts understand and interact with their consumers has been launched by Fuel Telematics Solutions Ltd (FTS).

The technology – which is available now – means consumers can pay for their fuel via smart phone (and soon via watch or car dashboard), while receiving highly targeted offers from the retailer.

The company’s managing director, Peter Birrell, said today’s consumers expect and are comfortable with being able to make transactions from their phone. They are also grateful for the convenience of doing so when pressed for time.

“Conversely, they also expect to receive tailored, real-time promotions when shopping and their expectation is that every retailer should personalise the shopping experience for them,” stressed Birrell.

“While this may appear to be contradictory, it is exactly what FTS believes retailers need to deliver in order to increase their profitability.”

Birrell believes the opportunity presented by ‘transumers’ (consumers in transit) is huge: “ Besides the obvious – such as reduced queues, real-time upselling, click & collect and promotional engagement – what really excites me is the fact that the technology available to us today makes science fiction-like predictive analytics very accessible,” explained Birrell. “We can now start anticipating what consumers want before they know it, and then deliver it to them when they need it.

“At the same time, electrical vehicles pose a significant threat to the forecourt status quo – in the past two years electrical vehicles have gone from 0.3% of new car registrations to 1.4%, and that growth rate is increasing. Throw in the expected avalanche of autonomous vehicles coming our way in the next few years and there’s no better time than now to start that journey toward changing the fuelling experience.”

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