FuelsPricing.com has entered into a partnership with GMAP, a global provider of retail network planning services. The collaboration is intended to deepen integration between the respective software packages, leverage their collective experience of delivering solutions to a changing fuels marketplace, and provide customer value.

Mark Scanlon, managing director of IIS (owner of FuelsPricing.com) explained: "In recent years we have expanded our client base significantly, and customers value our broad knowledge and global experience across the overall downstream operation. One of our goals has been to expand our partnerships with complementary solution and service providers. I am very pleased to announce this partnership with GMAP, which will provide integrated network planning capabilities alongside our software.

"GMAP’s experience in assessing global markets to determine site volume capabilities within a trade area through its proven forecasting models, provides customers with a solid foundation for ongoing pricing activities. With oil majors divesting assets in recent years, customers are, in a number of cases, now reviewing their overall network of sites and we believe GMAP’s expertise will be invaluable."

Chris Duley, commercial director of GMAP, said: "Aligning our world-class fuels network planning solution with a world-class fuels pricing solution from FuelsPricng.com is an exciting opportunity. Our structured approach to data analysis and market assessment to establish the statistical models which produce an efficiency index of each individual site, integrates well with FuelsPricing.com’s statistical pricing models. GMAP can produce a baseline volume prediction as input into the continuous pricing cycle which FuelsPricing.com manages so well. The two companies have a shared heritage within our major customers and a strong customer-centric focus of delivering value.

"One example is both IIS and GMAP have recently been successful in China and the synergies within that market became clear during our discussions. I look forward to the collaboration in our respective customer bases and prospects generating significant opportunity for both parties."

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