With the Bank of England recently extending its paper-to-polymer transition to include £20 notes, Cashmaster International, one of the leading companies in the global cash management sector, is reminding retailers to keep ahead of upcoming changes.

As a leader in the field of count-by-weight solution providers, Cashmaster has introduced a ‘Be Polymer Ready’ upgrade pack which allows UK customers to count both paper and polymer notes. In addition, all new Cashmaster devices will be fully polymer compatible with immediate effect.

Gordon McKie, CEO of Cashmaster International, comments: “The introduction of polymer is likely to be one of the key changes facing the UK retail sector in 2015/16. Handling cash efficiently is the lifeblood of retailers of all sizes. Whether it’s a sole independent trader counting his takings or a multiple operator aggregating sales across many branches, the challenge remains the same. Our customers and their staff need to count cash quickly and accurately.

“Effective cash management allows retailers’ staff to spend more time with customers and underpins store security and profitability. The number of banks planning to offer polymer is gathering at pace and retailers need to act now to ensure they are ready for the changes. Our simple software solution will enable many of our existing customers to be polymer ready in just a few minutes.”

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