It’s the Genius story you’ve all been waiting for a system that will save you money and take the ’heat’ out of your ’hot fuel’ problems. It’s called Genius ATC and is described by its UK supplier, TLM Technology, as a system whereby the "measured volume is automatically corrected in function of the measured temperature". In other words, whatever the temperature of your fuel, your pumps won’t over-dispense to your motoring customers. The technology sits on top of the pump and performs its wizardry automatically as the fuel is being dispensed, ensuring you’re not giving away any more of your precious fuel than is absolutely necessary.

"It’s a brilliant system which is bringing great benefit to the 100 or so retailer sites we’ve installed it on," says Ron Haacke, non-executive chairman of TLM Technology, who has long experience in the petrol retailing industry, as do his colleagues in the business, construction director Tom Ellicock and managing director Lee Papper. "We operators would concentrate on summer fuel temperatures to control our dip losses, and now the real savings can be made in the winter." He explained that when a vehicle is refuelled it receives a measured volume of fuel regardless of temperature. As the temperature rises, its energy value decreases. By implementing ATC a customer receives the same energy regardless of the fuel temperature. Other interesting facts are that petrol volumes change by 1.2 litres per 1oC of temperature change; and diesel volumes change by 0.8 litres per 1oC of temperature change. Petrol pumps sell fuel at a regulated 15oC. Ten thousand litres of fuel in a tank at 10oC will shrink by 60 litres. Petrol at £1.339 will lose the retailer £80.34. Fuel sold at under 15oC ensures a gain for the retailer; fuel sold at over 15oC ensures a gain for the consumer. The UK climate shows that on average across a year, temperatures are below 15oC.

"Implementing ATC would therefore save the retailer money; it also improves wet-stock management," explained Haacke. "We have installed the Genius ATC solution in to nearly 100 sites. Many retailers have been hesitant of installing the solution in any form, wary of what consumers will think, but as interest grows and the benefits are realised more retailers are showing an interest. Genius offers a superb solution to many retailers who are not looking to repump but want to reap the benefits of ATC."

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