Glasdon has gone to extreme lengths to prove the durability of its Orion Storage Unit posting a video of it surviving unscathed as a member of staff attacks it with a steel baseball bat.

The Orion Display Unit has been designed to sit outside the shop against the front wall without obstructing the cashier’s view of the forecourt.

It provides a large display area and allows customers easy access to goods. An optional shelf allows two rows of products to be displayed at once, maximising retail opportunities.

It is designed to fit behind any bollards on the forecourt and its user-friendly height means that products are easy to reach, and the display is highly visible and can be clearly seen from a vehicle window.

Unlike traditional painted metal storage units, which are prone to rust from displaying items such as screen wash and rock salt, Orion is manufactured from corrosion resistant Durapol material, which is impervious to leaks and spills from commonly displayed products.

Orion is available with a choice of three cover options: without cover, for 24-hour sites; a corrosion-free Rollatec Material cover that provides weather protection and hides contents from view; or an aluminium shutter with Vandalex Coating that provides extra security in areas where there is a high risk of vandalism.

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