The organisers of Uniti expo 2016 have arranged a global marketing campaign to ensure it follows the success of Uniti expo 2014 in attracting top decision makers and trade visitors from all over the world.

“Success depends on international participation. UNITI expo has consequently become a well-known name overnight,” claimed Max Krawinkel of PWM, one of the event’s organisers.

In addition to the marketing campaign, UNITI expo team members have presented the trade fair at industry events around the globe during 2015, including the PetroForum events in Johannesburg in March and in Oman in September, at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show in the US, as well as events in Germany, Russia and the UK.

In September the organisers said extra capacity had been added after the space allocated for equipment exhibitors sold out.

The organisers of the event, which will take place from 14 to 16 of June 2016 in Stuttgart, added an additional hall for exhibitors from the areas of forecourt equipment, fuel logistics and alternative fuels, with booth allocation starting at the beginning of October.

Original planning set the exhibition space at 30,000 sqm and the addition allowed expansion to up to 40,000 sqm – compared with 25,000 sqm for the previous event in 2014.

“The expansion of exhibition space has proved to be the right step since we have already received the first bookings and numerous requests for the new hall,” said Bruno Boroewitsch, responsible for exhibitor sales at UNITI expo.

“The high demand has exceeded all our expectations, reinforcing our position in the development of the exhibition concept.”

The first UNITI expo was held in June 2014 and was attended by 11,000 professionals from 92 countries, with 344 exhibitors from 29 countries.