PetroTechnik has introduced a range of new products designed to make its UPP underground pipework system easier to install and use, including an electrofusion chamber.

The company says the riser section of the chamber electrofuses to the base, removing the need for multiple bolt holes. PetroTechnik’s UPP pipe is also electrofusion-welded to the chamber.

The company’s engineering director, Andrea Ticci, says welding the pipes to the main unit means it is completely watertight. He adds: "Welding can be carried out with PetroTechnik’s new EF1 welding unit in around six minutes. Once welded and cooled, the base and riser become one homogenous unit, with no mechanical joints and no leak points."

The chamber has also been developed to have a shallow riser option. Ticci says: "We recognise that many countries need to excavate in challenging environmental conditions so there is a shallow riser option which allows the customer to install the chamber closer to ground level. This will help them make savings on construction costs."

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