GripHero, the developer of a new hand-protection dispenser that enables drivers to avoid contact with contaminants on fuel handles, has started the distribution across the UK.

BP Whitehouse Services in Okehampton, which has over 1,500 fuel customers a day, became the first forecourt in the country to install GripHero, which sits on top of each fuel nozzle on the forecourt, ensuring that drivers can retrieve and wear hand-protection without first coming into contact with fuel handles.

Over 250 forecourts will receive the dispensers over the coming month. In addition to independent forecourts, GripHero is being installed on franchised forecourts featuring major brands including Texaco, Esso, Murco, BP and Gulf.

The company says that by the end of the year over 500 forecourts will have GripHero in the UK and Ireland, with more to follow in 2019.

Its research shows that despite 75% of people actively looking to keep their hands clean, four out of five people have trouble finding hand-protection at garages and foreco.

Oli Yeo, who designed GripHero, commented: “GripHero has been created to put the health and wellbeing of the customer at the heart of the forecourt, both in the prevention of biological and chemical contamination from the nozzle, and the prevention of potential ignition caused by static from standard gloves in the refuelling zone.

“By placing a dispenser on every fuel nozzle on the forecourt, GripHero instantly puts an end to drivers having to hunt around for hand-protection, searching pillars, pumps and bins. That’s great news for customers and good news for forecourts as drivers are far more likely to make impulse purchases if they don’t have foul smelling, fuel impregnated hands.”

Yeo added: “When you consider that, on average, each pump handle comes into contact with more than 200 different hands in one week, each one getting dirtier than the last and passing on contamination, you soon realise how important it is to use hand-protection whenever you fill-up. We believe that by using more environmentally friendly materials, reducing unnecessary waste, and helping forecourts to recycle – all while enabling drivers to maintain clean hands with total convenience – we will capture the imagination of the public and generate huge demand for forecourts with GripHero.”

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