GripHero has launched a new range of bright pink plastic recycling bins to help dispose of its anti-static, fully recyclable hand protection, as well as other plastic.

Commenting on the launch Oli Yeo, designer and managing director of GripHero, said: "We believe in encouraging forecourts to complete the recycling circle. Having created a recyclable hand-protection product, we felt it only right to help forecourts collect plastic waste. As more people use hand protection to avoid foul-smelling, fuel contaminated hands and the cross-contamination of viruses such as the flu from fuel pump handles, it is more important than ever to recycle waste on the forecourt. By offering the bins at a significantly discounted rate, we hope to encourage forecourts to put these in place, winning the goodwill of customers who want to avoid plastic waste finding its way into our oceans."

GripHero claimed that by the end of 2018 more than 500 UK and Ireland forecourts would have its hand protection.