A new guide has been launched for businesses with high water usage, such as forecourts running car washes, which want to take the new opportunity to choose who supplies their water.

The water and wastewater market in England was opened to competition on April 1, giving all business customers the freedom to shop around for a better price and service deal.

Independent water specialist The Water Report has produced a guide to help businesses understand how the new market works and what they could gain from switching.

The Customer Guide to the New Water Market also includes a supplier directory to help customers shortlist potential retailers from the 20-plus companies licensed to compete.

Karma Loveday, author of the Guide and editor of The Water Report said: “This is a new market and customers have so many questions about it. How does it work? Could I save on my bills? Could I get a better service? What are my options? Who could I switch to? The list goes on.

“The Water Report has been following these developments since the beginning. We have produced The Customer Guide to the New Water Market and made if free to download to provide businesses with independent, high quality information to help them find their way in the new environment.”

The Customer Guide to the New Water Market is available free to download at www.thewaterreport.co.uk/guide