Fuel dispenser test equipment provider, Pumpwatch, has launched a lightweight measure unit so retailers can check the accuracy of their pumps between scheduled maintenance visits.

The new PW Lite 10L test measure, weighing just 2kg when empty, will enable retailers to carry out a quick and simple test safely.

Siobhan Keogh, operations manager at Pumpwatch, said: "With 98 million litres of fuel being sold on forecourts each day in the UK, inaccurate fuel dispensers could be costing the industry millions of pounds each year. Typically retailers rely on their scheduled visit from the maintenance company to assure them that their fuel dispensers are performing accurately.

"Fuel dispenser nozzle tests often show up potential problems with dispensers before they happen and may also detect potential leaks in the system, which could go undetected due to under-dispensing at the nozzle."

The test measure unit, which is made from temperature-stable carbon fibre composite, has a volume of 10 litres and a handy dispensing height of 650mm.

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