Foodservice refrigeration specialist Adande has linked up with equipment provider Gamble Retail Solutions to offer a range of hot food workstations. Designed as integrated solutions for the storage, cooking and service of hot food-to-go, the units are suitable for forecourt outlets, supermarkets, convenience stores, quick service restaurants and any environment where there is a requirement for the fast service of hot food.

Described by Adande sales director Karl Hodgson as a foodservice profit pod, the units have a compact footprint of 1100mm width by 700mm depth. He says the cost of the workstation is less than £13,750, meaning that a complete 3m x 3m foodservice station, including shopfitting, can be put together for less than £18,000. Based on profits of £35 per day, payback is achieved in less than 18 months.

Typically, the workstations comprise a Gamble Ovention Matchbox 1313 oven, mounted on an Adande two-drawer refrigerator. The ability to set the temperature of the Adande drawers, through a range from +15oC to -22oC at the push of button, provides storage versatility.

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