HTEC is looking for retailers to trial its latest ANPR solution to tackle drive-offs. The new system gives operators remote access to an existing database of offenders, using any epos system - not just HTEC’s.Cameras monitor the forecourt and record vehicle registration numbers as drivers pull up at the pump.

These are then displayed on an operator screen next to the till, while being checked against an online central database.

The check takes less than five seconds and if anything suspect is detected it will flash on screen and make a noise to alert the cashier, who can decide whether to stop the pump being activated.

Colin Reeve, commercial director at HTEC, says: "Our online database and its information sharing capability is a powerful tool to fight the drive-off scourge. The bad guys get to know where such systems are in place and they won’t get away with it, making that forecourt a less attractive target.

"We’re looking to trial the system with a retailer who currently has a serious problem."

HTEC also offers a more advanced pump-linked ANPR system for retailers who already use its epos and site controllers. Using this system, the camera zooms in as soon as the fuel nozzle is lifted.

The registration number is then captured and checked against the database and the pump will automatically be stopped from dispensing fuel if the car has a history of drive-offs. The system is currently in use on 35 Morrisons and two Asda sites. It costs around £5,500 or can be leased for five years at around £120 a month.

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