Refrigeration specialist Husky has developed a three-pronged strategy aimed at driving home the group’s environmental aims while cutting costs for customers.

The Leaner, Meaner, Greener approach has been spelled out by chief executive Geoff Thomasson, who believes that costs can be squeezed out by streamlining operations.

"We are doing our utmost to ensure there is no price penalty for environmentally sound products, at the same time as doing all we can to ensure we meet and exceed expectations," said Thomasson.

"We are constantly making improvements to all of our models, improving energy consumption and efficiency. Our new Intelligenzia range is capable of ’thinking’ for itself and switching to low-energy night running when it senses a reduction in activity."

Husky has set itself a December 2011 deadline to use only the natural hydrocarbon refrigerant gases R600 and R290. The use of R134 will also stop.

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