IDS Media UK has launched a digital hand sanitising unit for use in retail stores. The unit, called Messenger, features a contactless dispenser releasing Sterizar sanitiser liquid killing 99.999% of bacteria and lasting for up to six hours on the users’ hands. The unit also has a built-in 21-inch digital screen that plays adverts in 10-25 second loops throughout the day.

The company says Messenger will be crucial in the weeks and months to come in light of the current coronavirus pandemic as consumer trends and behaviour around hand sanitisation change and retail stores re-open.

IDS Media UK’s project director, Adam Taylor, says: "Once we get through the current coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown situation we are all in, retail stores will reopen but bacteria and other viruses will not disappear anytime soon. Good hand hygiene is integral to stopping the spread of these germs and keeping everybody safe.

"Retail stores that pivot quickly to support new consumer needs after lockdown will find themselves one step ahead. For brands, this provides a unique opportunity to reach a new wave of consumers who are so acutely aware of the importance of sanitisation and therefore likely to feel more safe and secure in a venue that clearly takes this issue seriously and seeking out messages in the same way that they are doing so from their homes."

"We are actively working with a number of retail stores and food outlets in the UK at the current time and is looking for brands keen to find new and innovative ways of engaging with consumers."