A new ’green’ tyre inflation system that aims to conserve energy, save fuel and extend the life of car tyres has been launched by Buckinghamshire-based Car Wash UK.

Nitrogen instead of conventional compressed air is pumped into a tyre, a method used to inflate tyres by Formula One teams because of the inert properties of the gas and its resistance to expanding or contracting in relation to tyre temperatures.

"Inflating with nitrogen helps to stabilise a car’s tyre pressures and reduces the likelihood of overheating - worse when a car is travelling at high speed or is heavily laden," said Car Wash UK sales and marketing director, Colin Russell. "Correctly inflated tyres not only improve a car’s fuel efficiency by 5% but increase the life expectancy of a tyre by at least 25%. This is very much the technology of the future."

Russell added that the equipment used to inflate the tyres can also be used to remove air. This means the entire operation can be dealt with in minutes, without having to remove a tyre from the rim, for just £2 a wheel.

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