Berrys reports that recent occurrences of UK forecourt misfuels/crossovers have led to a noticeable increase in enquiries for its MIDAS misfuel prevention system.

The MIDAS valve is installed as standard equipment on many forecourts in the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East, and is designed to prevent such incidents and avoids the costly consequences.

Whether it’s diesel in the petrol tank or vice versa, it can be some time, with a large number of vehicles affected, before a mistake becomes apparent. The final bill for repairs to engines, uplifting the fuel and cleaning the tank can be pretty hefty. And in addition there’s the damage to a forecourt’s reputation and the price of restoring customer confidence.

Berrys managing director Jacque Williams said: “Misfuelling incidents, or crossovers, are not that uncommon. This has been verified by data retrieved from sites with MIDAS installed.

“The severity of a misfuel could vary from a minor incident where the delivery hose is contaminated or a mistaken delivery of the wrong fuel that is quickly realised by the driver, through to a full blown misfuel that ultimately ends up moving through the fuel lines and into customers’ vehicles.

“The cost implication of a full blown misfuel can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, increased insurance premiums, and, most damagingly, the loss of faith from the customer base.

“Human error is part of our DNA and we will continue to make mistakes. MIDAS removes this from the equation and guarantees a fully automated fuel delivery system and protection to both the business and the public.”

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