Car wash chemicals company Istobal is stepping up its efforts in the UK market to fill a vacuum left by some of its competitors, according to sales director Dave Lindon.

He said: "Over recent months a few of the more established chemical manufacturers have either stopped producing products for the retail market or moved their production abroad.

"Istobal has seen this as a real opportunity to fill a requirement in the market where customers can obtain a full range of car wash, jet wash and commercial chemicals all from one supplier."

The products are also formulated to save customers money, explained Lindon, adding: "The Esens product range is highly concentrated, eco friendly and very competitively priced. It makes no sense to transport water. The bigger percentage of chemical in the container, the better the cost savings to customers."

To ensure all a customer’s needs are catered for, there is also a range of complementary products such as hand wash centre chemicals (for legal sites only), vehicle polishes, vacuum fragrance and graffiti remover. And because Istobal produces all of its own equipment and consumables, it gives it better control over quality, lead times and design enhancements.

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