Istobal, the Spanish car wash and car care solutions provider, will present its new Istobal T’WASH30 tunnel at the Automechanika 2018 exhibition.

Held on September 10-15 in Frankfurt, the exhibition will also see Istobal’s launch of new technologies developed to boost equipment productivity and improve quality, comfort and user experience.

The new Istobal T’WASH30 wash and dry tunnel can wash and dry up to 60 vehicles per hour with the three-brush module and up to 80 with the five-brush module, depending on machine length (from 12.5m to 32m) and cycle speeds.

The system can be fitted with different modules - pre-wash, wash, and dry - as well as all types of brushes for a perfect vehicle wash, polish and dry. Istobal T’WASH30 is also fit for a high-pressure wash either as a full service or just for wheels and can perform an underchassis wash and a rain-effect rinse or incorporate an Infinite Mousse arch.

It features a horizontal brush travel system that ensures better results on the back of the vehicle, a horizontal dryer with a deflector that facilitates the drying of this area, and the Drive Away safety system that opens the vertical brushes to let the vehicle through in case of excessive pressure.

Additionally, the new tunnel optimises water consumption, saving 10% of water compared with the previous model and, thanks to its IE3 motors, energy efficiency is assured during the drying process. The use of variable-frequency drives in this step contributes to a considerable reduction in power usage between vehicles.

Other new equipment featured by Istobal at Automechanika include a new vacuum cleaner, the Istobal n’joyavant jet wash station with an aerothermal heating boiler, and the new Istobal M’NEX32 rollover with optional extras such as the original dosing system for chemical products Xtract Dosing System.

The new Plus Physical Recycler, designed to improve recycled water quality, the Istobal esens chemical product range and the Istobal HW’ROTATORS high-pressure wash system for special vehicles that cannot be washed with a standard rollover complete Istobal’s innovation portfolio for Automechanika 2018.

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