Car wash specialist Istobal has won an innovation award for its virtual assistant to help customers with car wash selection.

The award was presented by the organisers of the Motortec Automechanika trade fair in Madrid, and was for the car wash category in its Gallery of Innovation.

The Virtual Assistant is intended to facilitate wash program selection for customers and reduce selection time by 50%.

Utilising user-centered design (UCD) and an algorithm, Kate and Robert – the virtual assistants – help customers choose the wash program that best suits their needs based on the vehicle’s condition.

This system is designed to improve customer thoughput at the carwash station, in order to enhance profitability.

The Spanish company is also launching its latest solutions at Motortec including the new M’NEX32 rollover – with more features and innovative optional extras.

The new rollover is due to be marketed shortly and is designed to provide thorough cleaning and a rewarding user experience using its LED lighting and screens, the Infinite Mousse Arch, and a new dosing system for esens chemicals generating less waste.

Istobal will also present, for the first time, the new xtract mixing system, a device that simplifies the handling of chemicals by diluting and mixing Bio Cap and Doy Pack formats automatically.

This system is designed to save operator time in preparing the product, and ensure that the film is totally dissolved, making the use of chemicals more convenient, speedy and safe.

New formats of xtract by esens chemicals will be also be presented. Istobal says this system of super-concentrated carwash products reduces CO2 emissions by 80% and hardly generates any waste into the environment.

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