JTI is unveiling a new solution for existing gantry units to support the fast-growing e-cigarette category. Described by JTI as "the first of its kind", the modification includes dedicated space for e-cigarettes built into the tobacco gantry.

The new-look gantries with space available to stock JTI’s Logic e-cigarette brand as well as competitor products have been trialled by convenience retailers Arjan Mehr, Dee Sedani and Jet Sunner.

The new display area for e-cigarettes will help to arrange the category in an organised display and will assist retailers with ranging and availability.

Samantha Brown, from JTI’s Merchandising Solutions team commented: "The proliferation of brands in the e-cigarette category has led to poor category presentation, lost sales and consumer confusion as retailers try and squeeze brands into any available space they can find.

"JTI is leading the way as the first supplier to develop a true category-led merchandising solution and it is part of our long-term commitment to the category and retailers who choose to partner with us in developing the category further."

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