Junction 23 Lorry Park has upgraded its AdBlue facilities 10 years after they were first installed.

Back in October 2007, Yara’s brand of AdBlue, Air1, joined forces with Junction 23 Lorry Park and established the first "on the road" AdBlue facility in the region. The initial uptake was positive and sales grew month by month.

Ten years on, and the Lorry Park is now selling over 20,000 litres of AdBlue a month and therefore the equipment originally installed was in need of an upgrade.

The site initially had a 4,000 litre combi-tank installed but now boasts a new 9,000 litre bulk storage tank that feeds two AdBlue pumps.

Junction 23 said: "We have been really happy working with Air1 and after 10 years the site was in need of newer equipment so we were more than happy to continue the partnership with them."

Junction 23 Lorry Park is located at Junction 23 of the M1 at Shepshed in Leicestershire.

The site has 180 parking spaces for heavy goods vehicles, all in a fully fenced compound with 24/7 CCTV.

Other facilities at the site include diesel forecourt, a shop and Truck Washing bay.

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