Kärcher UK is introducing a number of initiatives including a revenue-sharing scheme, opening a chain of standalone car wash centres, and launching a new coin-operated jet wash.

The revenue-share will operate on its jet washes, vacuum cleaners and air water towers and the company will take a percentage of the revenue from the retailer - usually about 50%, but varying according to the size of the site. Meanwhile, Kärcher will look after the installation, maintenance and refilling of chemicals used, as well as clearly branding the equipment. Retailers will usually be required to sign up for five years.

Peter Spencer, Kärcher Vehicle Wash managing director, says: "We’ve got customers who want to buy new equipment, others who like contract hire, and some who prefer to pay a set price per wash. The revenue share is being introduced because finding the money needed for new equipment can be a lot for forecourt retailers in the current financial climate." The scheme - not available for rollover car washes -should start in August and there is an option to buy the equipment at the end of the contract.

The company is also looking to open a chain of Kärcher-branded car wash centres in the UK later this year. These are standalone wash centres, likely to be positioned next to a forecourt - it already successfully runs them in France, Germany and Spain. Spencer explains: "We find the land and ask the retailer what they want to do. They either buy it or go into a joint venture with us. Each wash centre will be tailored to the location with plenty of opportunity for cross merchandising."

Kärcher is also introducing its first electric jet wash into the UK. The SB Wash is a coin-operated hot wash high-pressure cleaner on which customers buy a certain amount of time and can change the service they use while the time lasts.

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