Top 50 Indie The Kay Group has installed a cloud-based workforce management system into all of its retail forecourts across the UK. The staff rostering programme, developed by Shopworks, is designed to give companies greater control over their staff management, and is expected to provide improved efficiencies in payroll.

Kay Group senior management accountant, Nicola Cotton said: "The structure offers a really versatile rota management system, which has simplified our process, making it easier for managers covering a number of different sites.

"I am looking forward to the holiday management tool, which will be beneficial to both managers and employees, offering an up-to-date look at holiday entitlement."

Gordon Balmer, commercial director at the PRA, said: "It’s exciting to see our members take innovative leaps to improve their business. This forward thinking will benefit all those who see a better and more accurate process than traditional paper or spreadsheets."

The Kay Group will also be deploying Shopworks’ biometric time and attendance model, which recognises an employee’s unique physical characteristics, to ensure a 100% accurate attendance record and that all staff are paid correctly.

Staff can also access their scheduled hours and expected pay at any time, either online or via the company’s new dedicated mobile application. It allows the retailer to message its employees and comes as a free module on its new Shopworks platform.

Shopworks director of operations, Mike Hennessey, said: "Kay Group is the fourth forecourt group we have partnered with this year alone (2016). The work we have done with all our forecourt partners has enabled us to customise our system and meet the needs of any petrol retailer."

Lee Bowden, head of strategy at Shopworks, said: "Our bespoke service can deal with forecourt and shop only, or the growing trend of coffee and fast food outlets on the same site, as one system. Each customer can save as much as 12%."

Hennessy added: "Despite the significant cost savings that can be achieved through workforce management solutions like Shopworks, it is estimated that 95% of petrol retailers still rely on outdated paper and spreadsheet-based systems."

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